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By education, I am a BA graduate in Management. Due to some physical ailments and loss of passion in life, I have mastered my inner passion which is human development. I am the only accredited Bahraini Woman as a Life Coach / Trainer in the program Managing with Heart and Mind by the international philosophy of Louise Hay. My aim is to help you to be aware of your external environment and move into the awareness of your inner involvement. I can help you in uncovering the limitations of beliefs and negative patterns through a well-studied process. Developing a healthy inner environment is the key that reflects positively on yourself and in your relationships.

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Organization Program-Online Webinar
Want to get the most out of your employees? This Webinar will help your employees overcome the challenges and be on track. Want to train your employees? I offer customized training program based on...
fixed Rate
500.00 BHD
Free Introduction Call
The free introduction call will help you better understand the type of service you need.
fixed Rate
Private Coaching Session
The Private Coaching includes 4 sessions and each session last about 45 mins
fixed Rate
280.00 BHD
Jump Start Session
Are you looking for an immediate "Start Now" Solution? This Jump Start session is a quick-fix customized plan that will help you shift easily through your challenges, so you can be on track with...
fixed Rate
45.00 BHD

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